Capital Protection Assets

Managed account Services 

Managed account services  is a unique equity based growth product that aims to add value to your already existing holdings in the stock market. The product is unlike any other currently available in the industry and is revolutionary in terms of value creation.The product follows a two pronged approach which offers returns that are over and above the returns that markets would usually offer on your existing equity holdings. Your idle share holdings can provide you with consistent yearly returns which are better than most investment offerings currently available, without being actually traded or modified in any way. Feel the true power of your holdings unleashed when you subscribe to this incredibly powerful new tool and give yourself the assurance that you have always been craving for.

Basic Concept of  Managed account services

  • The  strategy  consists  of  consistent    monthly     returns  by  the  use  of  empirically  tested complementary  Strategies  to  bring  down  the  composite  risk  of  the  fund  to  much lower levels and to augment the returns of the fund.
  • Managed  Account  Services  is  designed  to  provide  the  investors  with  one  of  the  best  Risk Adjusted  Returns  across  the  entire  spectrum  of  currently  available  investment  options  to  the investors.
  • It  targets  to  generate  more  than  24%  annual  returns.  The  long  term  target  is  to  generate more than 35% average  annual  returns.
  • It  is  designed  to  keep  maximum  monthly  portfolio  equity  draw-down  under  5%.It  has been designed to have much lower drawdowns as compared to similar available investment options.  Empirical studies  show the  maximum drawdown  in  any month  is likely  to be less than 3% with more than 95% probability.

Managed Account Services fund’s Capital Allocation Structure

  • 40%  of  the  funds  are  allocated  to  Trend Following Managed Futures Strategies hedged with their respective options.
  • Managed Futures generate high returns by trading the futures of different asset classes such as equityindices across the Nifty using diversified high return multiple trend following trading strategies.
  • Balance 60% of the funds are allocated to strategies which target to generate stable monthly returns using complementary low volatility return strategies to balance the minimal risk  arising out of futures trading hedged strategies and to increase the overall returns optimally.

Risk Control Mechanism of Managed Account  Services

  • Managed account services will employ a strict Risk Control
  • Mechanism to control the risk within the given limits as per the mandate of the Client.
  • Risk   Management   will   be   handled   by   the   Risk   Management   Committee  of  Upfunds whereas  the trading   strategies   &   capital   allocation   structure   will   be   handled   by   the our Internal IMC ,which will be reporting to RMC on regular basis so that any violation of the risk management guidelines is controlled at any point of time.
  • The  risk  will  be  managed  at  two  levels  by  documented  and  well  defined  risk  management mechanisms on real time basis.
  • Risk will be managed on the trade level basis, where each trade will be monitored on individual  trade  basis  in  real  time  under  the  defined  risk  parameters.  These  risk parameters will be monitored on a continuous basis and suitable measures will be taken to avoid any big risk on every trade on real time basis.
  • The  risk  will  also  be  managed  at  the  total  portfolio  level,  where  the  risk  will  be managed  within the predefined risk parameters of the fund to avoid the occurrence of higher  risk.  If  during    any  month    the    drawdown    breaches    5%,    IMC  will  ask Investment manager to stop trading and same will be informed to the client.