NIFTY FMCG Index is on verge of inverse Head and Shoulder pattern ,Index has surged over 1000 points over a period of two weeks to 25500 level. A close above 25720 will confirm the same.Nifty FMCG index has already crossed 100 - DMA ,50 - DMA and 25 - DMA in a single session.
Crorepati every individual’s dream. There is no shortcut of becoming a crorepati. Many individuals would like to start their investments when they haave a large sum to invest. The belief of investing in small sum regularly will not help them to meet long term goals. That is why many of them vary their investments indefinitely. If you are 22 years now, then just by savings Rs.40 a day you will be a crorepati by the age of 60. You have to save Rs.40 daily and at the end of the month you will have 40*30= Rs.1200. Invest this Rs.1200 per month regularly for the next 40 years in any diversified mutual fund through SIP. Now the power of compounding will work for you. Warren Buffet started investing in stocks at the age of 11 and he became the 2nd most richest person in the market. Investing in... Read More
All the planning, saving and investing that parents do for their children’s future won’t do much good if the kids don’t have the discipline and wisdom necessary to eventually manage money on their own, and hopefully make it grow. The prime time for a child to begin learning good financial habits usually occurs during the “tween to teen” years of adolescence — when she is old enough to grasp basic concepts, but young enough to listen to her parents. Here are ways you can help your clients provide their children and grandchildren with a solid foundation of financial proficiency. 1. Allowance and Chores By the time a child is in kindergarten, she should be able to understand the difference between a dime and a dollar; therefore, she should be ready to receive a regular amount of money. The... Read More
Many retail investors are using the systematic investment plan (SIP) to enter the financial markets and take advantage of compounding returns. An SIP allows one to buy units on a given date each month and the biggest advantage of an SIP is that the investor doesn’t have to time the market. When an investor times the market, he usually misses out on the rally or enters the market at the wrong time — either the valuations have peaked or the markets are on the verge of declining. Investing every month ensures that one is invested during the highs and the lows. Investing in an SIP is easier in the long run rather than investing a lump sum amount each year. One can start investing in a systematic investment plan with even Rs 500 per month.